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Building Permission, Denmark

This month we received the building permission for a house near Næstved in Denmark. The idea behind the house is to reuse the walls of an existing basement as a natural pool and build the new house around it. The house consists of two levels; one in stone that is built into the hillside, and one in wood that sits on top of the hill so the full panoramic view of the surrounding landscape can be experienced.

The construction is expected to start in Autumn 2021.


Location: Næstved, Denmark.

Completion: 2023.


More information coming soon.


Competition 1st prize

We are happy to announce we received the 1st prize in the competition for a new series of outdoor furniture for the Berliner Mauerweg. A family of benches, tables and chairs will be located along the line of the former Berlin wall. A system of new paths and bike routes are planned to mark the location of the historic monument that meanders through central Berlin and the forest west of the city.


The project is developed in collaboration with Grün Berlin GmbH and the first prototypes are in production.

Michelberger Farm_Sigurd Larsen_Render Exterior brick architecture wood design gastronomy agriculture

Building Permission, Germany

We are happy to announce that we have received the building permission for the Michelberger Farm. The building will be a place for all senses. It’s a place that celebrates the gastronomy process all the way from planting seeds to the enjoyment of high end food.


Location: Spreewald, Germany

Completion: 2022.

More information about the project here
Sigurd Larsen Architektur hus Ålsgårde Nordsjælland strand villa træbyggeri 1

Building Permission, Denmark

We are happy to announce that we have received the building permission for Ålsgårde. The house is located near Copenhagen at the northern coast of the island Zealand. The plot has beautiful views in all 4 directions. North towards the ocean, south into a forest, east and wast towards the sunrise and sunset along the sandy beach.

The construction is expected to start in Autumn 2021.


Location: Ålsgårde, Denmark.

Completion: 2022.


More information coming soon.

sigurd larsen cycladic architecture staicase design white cube kythnos greece

construction progress, Greece

The facade and interior walls on Villa Piperi have been completed and are treated with several layers of white chalk that can accumulate the changing humidity in the local climate.

The house is being constructed on the Cycladic island Kythnos in Greece.

More information about the project here
sigurd larsen architektur uckermark bauen brandenburg wochenendehaus weekend house arschitecture design building

construction progress, Uckermark

This week the roof structure was finalized on the weekend house in Uckermark north of Berlin.


More information about the project coming soon.

sigurd larsen architekten lake house berlin green architecture danish design wood brick tiles nature holzbau_facade waterfront

Construction Start, Berlin

This week we started the construction of The Lake House in Berlin, a mixed use building that can host events, meetings, sport activities, workshops, and therapy. We are exited to work with a great Swiss team of experts in wooden constructions.


More information coming soon.

Stage interior Sofa Sigurd Larsen danish design berlin architektur moebelsign

product release

We are happy to reveal our new sofa designed for STAGE Interior. The interlocking modules can be combined in an infinite number of combinations designed by the user. The fabric can easily be taken off, washed or replaced when worn out. One sofa for life.


Download the app STAGE AR and try your own sofa constellation through augmented reality in your living room.

Visit the homepage of STAGE here.
ad magazine sigurd larsen


Sigurd Larsen speaks about densification of our cities in an interview with AD Magazine.


See the film here.

Read the full interview here.
Sigurd Larsen Architektur Uckermark Wochenendehaus - Copy

Construction start, Uckermark

This week we started the construction of our 2nd project in Uckermark north of Berlin. The house will be used for weekend escapes offering lots of daylight and beautiful views over the landscape.


More information coming soon.