The Secretive Bunker

489 bunkers were abandoned along the Danish west coast after World War II. Originally they were hidden in the dunes to guard the coast against invasion. Over time the coast line has shifted and the sand eroded to expose them in the landscape. Between swimmers, amber hunters and fishermen they move, fall and shift, but in a tempo too slow for the human eye to perceive. The silent giants emanate secrecy and suspicion. They were sealed off and left at the beach last century, at first disliked and later accepted. As unintended land art they now hold a story of Europe and secrets concealed over time. Secrets kept behind a hardened, reinforced shelter.

A fascination for the mysterious concrete giants of the Nordic beaches has inspired the Secretive Bunker project.

The project consists of 7 reinforced concrete shrines where secrets can be kept. The small rooms inside the bunker can only be accessed with the right key or knowledge.

Through form and materiality the bunkers refer to the original larger relatives found on the Danish west coast. The downscaling mirrors a personal microcosmos of ideas and secrets in contrast to those of an entire society.

2015 Our Gallery, Berlin_DE
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