Lounge Chair

Press text from Hornbach:


Creative agency HEIMAT and HORNBACH Baumarkt partner with world-class architect Sigurd Larsen on the WERKSTÜCK 001 ‘Lounge Chair’ project. Designed to be built, not bought.


Working from a premise that great design should be democratic and accessible, renowned Danish designer and architect Sigurd Larsen has worked with HORNBACH to create something new and rather wonderful: the WERKSTÜCK ‘Lounge Chair’. The twist is that the WERKSTÜCK simply cannot be bought. Anyone who wants one has to build it with their own bare hands – and by the sweat of their brow. Thus investing their time, rather than lots of their money. Any other method would not be the HORNBACH way.


HORNBACH’s creative agency, HEIMAT conceived the idea of the WERKSTÜCK Editions, of which the ‘Lounge Chair’ is the first in the series. HEIMAT has created iconic and award winning campaigns with HORNBACH for almost two decades and is currently agency of the
year in Germany according to leading marketing titles including Horizont and W&V.

The core of the project is the ‘Builder’s Book’, which contains the carefully illustrated step-by-step instructions for construction of the Lounge Chair, including lists of materials and tools. “The ‘Builder’s Book’ is far more than just an instruction manual. It takes the time to tell a
story. It is about conveying the value of an idea.”  Building the ‘Lounge Chair’ is not a simple project, but HORNBACH has a lot of faith in its customers and endeavours to empower them in many ways.”
The democratic ethos behind the ‘Lounge Chair’ is that all the materials used can be found at HORNBACH, and that no expensive special tools are required to build it. At approximately 130 EURO (2018) for the necessary components, stocked at HORNBACH, and 18 EURO for the printed Builders Book containing construction guidelines, the ‘Lounge Chair’ is affordable and promises to make the design aesthetic of one of the world’s most respected designers accessible to a wider range of people.
Architect and designer, Professor Sigurd Larsen, describes the ‘Lounge Chair’ as: “A chair that fulfils all the standards of good design, yet is accessible to everyone. We’re challenging people to push themselves a little and to build it by hand. People will feel quite differently about a beautiful piece of furniture if they have crafted it themselves. It’s
a testament to what you can do with a bit of good design and your own hands. And I love that idea.”

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