The Concrete Table

The Concrete Table is designed as a small working table for the living room where books and gadgets can be stored in compartments on the sides. As a dining table in the kitchen the top compartment can be used for plants and herbs.

Reinforced concrete and oak


Small: length 80 cm / depth 50 cm / height 75 cm: € 1.300 Inquire

Large: length 130 cm / depth 60 cm / height 75 cm: € 1.500 Inquire

Sigurd-Larsen Concrete Table_ danish design berlin beton tisch-by-GeorgRoske-009 Concrete Table_Sigurd-Larsen_danish design berlin beton tisch_-Furniture-by-Georg-Roske-2011-007 Concrete Table_Sigurd-Larsen danish design berlin beton tisch-Furniture-by-Georg-Roske-2011-008 Sigurd-Larsen-Concrete Table_danish design berlin beton tisch -by-GeorgRoske-010 Sigurd Larsen design architecture furniture Pop Up Store Torstraße berlin 3