Concrete Sideboard

The Concrete Sideboard is a tribute to an era of the architectural history that soon will need a caring hand. To make it possible for cities in post war Europe to host the expanding population, millions of concrete dwellings were constructed after efficient industrial principles of the 1950’s and 60’s. Many of these large building blocks will reach their date of expiry during this decade. Some will be demolished and others rejuvenated in new and contemporary ways. Throughout the 80’s this often happened by adding pastel colors and historic portals around the entrances due to post modernism that denied the industrial origin of the buildings. This piece of furniture is an experiment in working with the aesthetics of this type of architecture rather than against it. The Sideboard shows details, materials and proportions from what in German is called Plattenbau, -architecture from pre-fabricated concrete elements. The goal with this design experiment is to open to the idea that the aesthetics of Plattenbau is welcome in our homes.

All Concrete Sideboards are produced in the former East Germany using only local materials.


Price per request

Cement on wood - Box: Colored plywood as shown or oak
height 58 cm / length 120 cm / depth 27 cm
Sigurd Larsen_Concrete Sideboard_image1 Sigurd Larsen_Concrete Sideboard_image2 Sigurd Larsen_Concrete Sideboard_image3 Sigurd Larsen_Concrete Sideboard_image4