Berliner Mauerweg Benches


This family of outdoor furniture accentuates the experience of moving along the line of the Berlin Wall. The former divided city will be connected through a 160km route for walking, biking and hiking. The border, once formed by concrete walls and fences, was forced through the urban fabric, following existing natural and man-made boundaries such as rivers, channels and municipality borders. The result was a meandering line that encircled the entire West Berlin. To highlight the artificial nature of such divisions and the history of our city, the bends and curves of the wall will be made visible by the new furniture. They will help to create places for contemplation and human interaction.

A system of modular benches is designed to accommodate various situations in the changing landscape and urban spaces. It’s created as an adaptable system that can continue to develop and grow in the future. The new benches, stools and tables become familiar objects on the route and create naturally integrated guidance as you move through the city and forest.

The furniture is orientated in two directions so you can rest and look towards east or west. Sometimes with a back support and arm rest for longer stays, and sometimes as an informal sitting block for the shorter break. A curved module can be added as an extension to create longer benches that mark the bends of the meandering border.

The basic modules consist of a solid square section of untreated Oak that grew in Brandenburg and Berlin. The wooden block is a long lasting material that over the years will acquire a beautiful patina from frequent use and changing weather.  The slim sitting surfaces of galvanized steel juxtaposes the bold wooden elements giving an appearance of a slim folded blanket for seating, arm resting or tables for gatherings. Depending on the temperature and weather conditions you can choose between a cooling metal and a warming wood for sitting.


The project was developed in collaboration with Grün Berlin and the Senatsverwaltung für Mobilität, Verkehr, Klimaschutz und Umwelt.

The furniture will be implemented in the design by various landscape architects over the next years.

Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 4 Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 3 Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 0 Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 1 Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 6 Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 2 Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 5 Berliner Mauerweg Bänke_Grün Berlin_Sigurd Larsen 7 Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_LONG Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_type01 Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_type02 Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_type03 Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_type05 Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_type04 Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_Bended Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_typebike Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_type_lounge Sigurd Larsen Berliner Mauerweg Bank_type_staircase